For a duty bound enabler, being at service to humankind is the essence of overall achievement. Therefore, for patients who cannot seek medical anomalies and proper treatment, we provide holistic solutions as a whole by bridging the health care system and their personal health care. How? By improving access, lowering costs and being a trusted partner for their every health oriented moment.

  • PAP Programs (Comprehensive end to end patient access program)
  • Multilingual Patient Support Programs (Patient care provided in 12 languages)
  • Diagnostic Support / Coordination & Point of Care Testing
  • In-clinic support services & camps (including dieticians, physiotherapists, yoga instructors, doctors, etc.)
  • Specialty Pharmacy (Direct To Patient – Commercial & free medicine - distribution, storage & delivery)

Patient Support Programs

Our dedicated data management tool ensures each patient group is demarcated according to the demography and region. Which enables us to reach masses and understand the severity of the conditions. Thus increasing the sensitivity towards the health of patients. Hence it becomes easier to engage specialists from those locations ensuring easy screening of patients and faster diagnosis. Which in turn results in timely treatment.

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Marketing & Sales support

Kartavya is aware of the market scenario and keeps up-to-date with market analysis and statistics. Every region has its own set of market growth ratio in terms of patient awareness, diagnosis and treatment culture. In such scenarios, making inroads need proper planning, statistical grasp of the region and innovative ways to engage the stakeholders.
- Promotional support for creative, posters at Doctor clinic & Hospital
- Technology Solutions for Patient engagement with Mobile apps and Web based solutions
- Field Force Solutions
- Doctor Training & Education (Online CME)

Patient Access programs

We know how important a life is. To save or care for this valuable life, every family tries to make every effort to provide best medical facility. And in their journey we are determined to ease the burden by introducing various programs that could help them concentrate wholly on caring rather than wasting energy on assimilating finances.
The goal of these programs is to provide financial assistance to help the patients access drugs for little or no cost.

Patient Recruitment

Most of the patients that prove to be suffering and not being treated is due to ignorance of diseases. Kartavya recognized this and started engaging patients at ground level by initiating camps for screening and diagnosis. This way more and more patients are aware about various diseases thus ensuring proper medical diagnosis and treatment. Thus increasing more revenue to pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutions.
Using this process, a proper data management comes into place wherein the patients are enrolled for various clinical trials with their consent thus paving way to better and new clinical assessment.

Test coordination support

Diagnostic plays an important role to determine the actual reason of a disease leading to proper medical therapy. When patients are unable to utilize this service, Kartavya makes it simple and easy. With its rigid infrastructure and compliant efficacy, it ensures that patients receive this facility without much hindrance. Be it manpower, home collection, call center services, Kartavya is duty bound to provide everything under one umbrella.