A term used for special type of pharmacy that deals not only by delivering right prescriptions but also coordinating other aspects of patient care and disease management. They are designed to efficiently deliver medications, viz: vaccines with special handling, storage, and distribution requirements.

  • Storage facility for room temperature and cold storage products including 2⁰ C to 8⁰ C
  • Industry compliance with requisite FDA norms and license
  • Last mile delivery to patient home with COD facility
  • Facility to support to walk-in patient for documentation and facilitation (for PAP patients)
  • Hub and spoke model for other locations for medicine delivery via leading logistic company

Direct to patient

Specialty pharmacies are designed to improve clinical and economic outcomes for patients with complex, often chronic and rare conditions. They are in close contact and managed by clinicians. In addition to basic product dispensing, patients taking specialty medications often require more complex services than those required for a traditional drug. They ensure that all support systems like the clinicians treating patients, coordinate with each other by sharing information and help patients locate resources or also provide financial assistance.

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Order Fulfillment Solution

Usually, normal medicines are available in pharmacies at any given point of time. But there are times when patients need specialty medicines. These medications can be sent to specialty pharmacies that have the capability to complete the order. Kartavya understands the importance of these medications since they can be high cost, require special handling, are sometimes challenging to administer, may require additional monitoring, must adhere to compliance and may require documentation of side effects and response to therapy. Hence Kartavya attempts to optimize patient care by ensuring orders are fulfilled within the given span of time thus maximizing patient adherence.