At Kartavya, we envision the world without pain and hence our duty takes us to places where we can take measures and deliver access to medical facilities to each and every one in need. Delivering healthcare by being the medium of providing easy access to doctors, pharmacies, medicines and diagnostic needs, such that there is smooth interplay of services amongst everyone. Most importantly the ones who need it the most are the patients. And we create a conducive environment by bridging their need with special services.

Home Sample Collection

Kartavya co-ordinates with various diagnostic labs and is equipped with team of experienced phlebotomists, who collect samples from patients’ home. After each booking, the phlebotomist goes as per agreed time slot and collects the blood/urine sample. The lab partners then within 24-48 hours, of collecting the sample, send out accurate reports to patients.

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Sample Logistics

Kartavya’s presence in this market from 2008 proves to be the trendsetter in maintaining logistical data that improves performance and eases distribution. When patients require different sort of medicine, we ensure to provide them even in remotest areas.
This logistics service optimize both the costs and maintain the required quality of the necessary supplies. We understand that the correct handling, transport, and storage is critical to preserving the integrity and quality of sample. Some samples often require specific conditions and time can be an essential factor when samples need to be analyzed directly following their collection. Therefore, a chain of custody is maintained between the physical taking of the sample and awaiting the associated results.

Staffing solutions for lab

With around a decade of experience combined with our extensive candidate database with experienced networking and recruiting skills, Kartavya has built working relationships with laboratories nationwide by creating solutions. Providing employees at all levels, including:

  • Medical technologists and technicians
  • General Physician- AIFH
  • General Physician- MBBS
  • Nurses Male/Female- GNM
  • Phlebotomist
  • Radiology Technicians
  • Physiotherapist
  • Dentist
  • Pathologists’ assistants & pathologists

Community camps

Kartavya knows the importance of community effect on a person’s well being. A healthy community spreads the wellness goal to each and everyone involved. Hence various camps are organized in order to create awareness about healthy living besides treatment. Our aim is to engage every community irrespective of age to participate towards better living.

  • Health Talks & Camps
  • Disease & Stress management
  • Nutrition, Yoga, Zumba,
  • Monthly Online News Letters
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • First Aid Training & Medical Emergency Camps
  • Health Audits - Office Premise, Workplace, Canteen, etc.
  • Doctor on chat/call

Nurse @home

Getting admitted at hospital for health conditions that can get cured at home, should always be avoided. To serve this purpose, having nurses at home is considered the safest option. As one gets personalized and attentive care 24 x 7. It is found that patients recover sooner with home nursing as compared to hospitalization. Since the services offered by home care nursing are provided by registered nurses one does not have to worry on the quality of service offered.

  • Checking upon the diet of the patient, take readings of blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and breathing
  • Regularly check whether the patient is properly following the prescription
  • Enquire if any sort of pain experienced
  • Educate the patient about self-care
  • Regularly co – ordinate with the doctor

Physiotherapy @home

Today’s living is all about hectic schedules. People travelling for hours from one meeting to another are always immobile which leads to fatigue, bad postures and dysfunctional form. Elders who are immobile due to health factors too need some exercises that can improve their functional abilities. Kartavya has a plethora of physiotherapy specialists who can help improve quality of living with custom exercises and mobility techniques. They are well versed to conduct personal examination, diagnosis, evaluation, and in turn help in prevention.